Ocean Freight

Arranging ocean/air/inland transportation, customs clearance, commodity inspection, DG declaration, etc during import & export procedure on behalf of clients. Providing full-range service for import distribution and export consolidation. Undertaking intermodal service and door-to-door service for containers and large equipments. Offering cargo tracking service and cargo insurance service. Providing logistics services, such as route design, freight consultation, cost accounting and other services, as well as project bidding and tendering.

Booking agent:

We have worldwide overseas agent network abroad and ample branch offices in China. We have been sharing a good relationship with MSK, MSC, CMA-CGM, APL, OOCL, EMC, NYK, HMM, Hanjin, and many other carriers for years, which can guarantee you the most efficient transportation with the lowest rates.

Trade agent:

We have foreign trade business, offering foreign trade agency service for the actual import and export enterprise, filling in the verification forms. Our professional team can deal with a full set of documents in foreign trade business, including packing list, invoices, power of attorney, documents preparation for bank negotiation, etc..

Customs inspection:

Owning to our long-term cooperation with customs and inspection authority, we have a rich experience and enjoy a high reputation in this field. We always help customers develop a set of convenient and efficient customs clearance programs with our professional knowledge, according to your desire, business type, and products.

Shipping agent:

We provide our customers booking space, issuing documents, sailing schedule, freight inquiry, insurance agency, inland railway, and highway transportation, overseas destination service and other services in import and export transport procedure. Our Overseas Dept connect connect the communication between overseas and domestic client, including arrange shipment and payment, and extensive inland service. Based on your specific goods and routes, we tailor for you the best shipping options as well as the least shipping costs.

Our professional staffs provide safe, fast and efficient air services for customs at home and abroad. Based in Shenzhen, we also have close connection with other air ports such as Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Ningbo, Wuhan, Beijing, Xiamen, etc., and our AOD covering the world's major international airport. You can enjoy our professional operation for in whole air transportation stage, including picking up, booking, commodity inspection, customs clearance, supervised warehouse transit, delivery to Hong Kong under FOB, purchasing insurance, instant cargo tracking information and other one-stop service. Besides, with advantage distance to Hong Kong and Macao free trade areas, we provide customized air service for you according to your production, transportation, and collection stage, saving your valuable time, manpower and reducing money and time risk. We can provide you our best air route and service with none transportation problem.

Our advantages routes include route from China to Middle East, central and South America, Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and Africa. We have long been in good cooperation with EK, EY, SV, BA, AA, PO, UPS, SQ, RU, CA, CZ, ZH and some other airlines. We have worldwide agent network, which can support us with to-door service and import air service. Some special or dangerous cargos are also within our business scope. Focused on our customers’ needs, we are moving forward to an integrated logistics supplier. Your satisfaction is our greatest pleasure. Looking forward to working for you!

Air transport
Cross-border E-commerce

FBA One-stop Service: Relying on our 18 years’ international logistics experience and global service network, you can get great Amazon warehouse transportation service from China to the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and other European countries. Full tracking, stable transit time, worldwide service and customized logistics solutions is our guarantee. And we have air freight, ocean freight, courier, leased line and other logistics system for you to choose. We have one documentary staff to follow cargo from one customer, not mixing boxes and ensuring accuracy. Long-term cooperation with local trucking company provides a safe, timely and efficient delivery service.

FBA Clearance: we have perfect overseas customs clearance network and professional operation of DDU/DDP services, which can help sellers who use Amazon FBA services dealing with customs clearance.

FBA Rollover: we can achieve global FBA transfer needs.

FBA Returns: we have overseas warehouse in the United Kingdom, Germany, and United States. With these storage warehouses and our professional platform, vendors can enjoy good refund services. FBA Return programs can help you design logistics solution and save shipping costs.

Just a call or an email, our professional e-commerce logistics team will develop stable and efficient logistics services for you. You can have a clear knowledge of delivery stage and customs clearance procedure in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and delivery tracking in other European or North America countries.

In order to improve the international competitiveness and to solve the funding gap of small and medium-sized export enterprises (SMEs), we provide one-stop outsourcing service for SMEs: customs clearance, duty drawback, logistics, foreign exchange and financing foreign trade supply chain full service. Your esteemed enterprise can have totally focused on clients and orders, orders.

With strong strength, reasonable rates and excellent service, we have established long-term relations of cooperation with many enterprises. We are sincerely welcome to your business visit and investigation.

SCF(Supply Chain Finance)
International Courier Service

Our main business is international express service. We have stable relationship with four big express delivery (DHL, TNT, Fedex, and UPS), postal packets and bags, EMS of China and Hong Kong EMS, and other express enterprise focused on express service, which can provide customers with the best freight and services.

With the professional experience of operation Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone/ Yantian Bonded Area/ Chiwan Qianhai Free Trade Zone, and close connection with these three bonded zones, we have certain professional basics of bonded operation and enjoy below priorities as their contract agency partner.

A. Below goods can be stored in the bonded logistic center.:

1. Domestic goods for export; 2. Entrepot trade goods and international transit goods; 3. Foreign cargo for temporary storage; 4. Import and export goods in processing trade; 5. Materials and maintenance spare parts for supplying international navigation ships and aircraft; 6. Maintenance spare parts for foreign products import cargo; 7. General trade import goods which are not yet gone through customs procedures; 8. Other goods which are not yet gone through customs procedures with the approval of the customs

B. Business scope

1. Bonded storage for import and export goods and other goods not completing customs procedures; 2. Processing and value-added services of the stored goods; 3. Global procurement and international distribution and delivery. 4. Entrepot trade and international transit trade; 5. Other business other international logistics industry and with the approval of the customs.

C. Advantage policy for Futian Futian Free Trade Zone

1. Free circulation between the bonded area and other territories outside China, non customs duties and free of license. 2. No VAT for cargo shipped between Futian Free Trade Zone and other territories outside China. 3. The goods shipped from other China areas to Futian Free Trade Zone are deemed to be exported, and verification can be cancelled. 4. Vehicles with Hong Kong license can enter and exit Futian Free Trade Zone freely with its special symbol showing “Hong kong--Futian Free Trade Zone”. Shenzhen license is not required. 5. No mandatory rules for the storage period of the Entrepot goods and bonded goods, and no charges for the supervision of the customs. (Storage period is usually six months, and can be extended for another 6months)

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